Needlework Expo 2021 FAQ’s

Coming in March is the "NEEDLEWORK EXPO". This is a virtual trade show therefore will only be open for legitimate shops that have registered and been granted access to shop. We hope to find many wonderful new things to bring to you for Springtime stitching and to be your personal shopper!


The show will run from August 28th-August 30th. We are starting to get notifications from designers and glimpses of what will be released during the Needlework Expo.


Here in this collection we will be previewing new items coming soon from many of your favorite designers. We are very excited to be participating in this show. There will be a lot for us to cover in these 3 days so we may not be able to communicate as well as usual. We will try to offer floss and fabrics to go with charts when we can but with the shortages and extreme delays on certain of floss and fabric, we will only offer what will be readily available to us or be able to ship within a reasonable wait time. We will not be offering them if we have to wait more than just a couple of weeks to get them.

Although we will miss the 2021 Nashville Needlework Market this year (the show has been officially canceled) we are looking forward to this Needlework Expo show to kind of fill the gap.

The Needlework Expo Show is the brainstorm of and being put on by Janis from Noteworthy Needle. She has put A LOT of work and effort into this show and for that we are very grateful. Because of her extreme efforts we will still have a way for designers to showcase their new things for 2021 and a way for shops to purchase them.

We want to plan accordingly and shop for exactly what you want. We will place MANY orders during the show and then anxiously awaiting the products to arrive. This will be different than shopping Nashville where we have everything in hand and come home with it all. This show we will place orders and then wait for them to be shipped and arrive, then send them out to you! Our goal is to shop and purchase as many new things as we can for you.

The purpose of this newsletter is to include information here on anything we know about NOW and take pre-orders for them. Then when we are shopping we know exactly what to get for you. Your PRE-ORDERS will be our first priority when shopping the show.



We will post information for each item as usual, with all of the given pictures and whatever is released prior to the Expo. We will be adding to this collection as we are made aware of new items. Check back frequently for new additions  and updates.  We will only include items when we know the pricing, if you have a request for an item not listed, please send us a message and we will make it a custom order that will be invoiced immediately after the Expo.


If you see an item you want us to purchase for you at the show but is not listed simply email us at and put NEEDLEWORK EXPO in the subject line so we can pick out the pre-order emails quicker. Tell us in the email what item(s) you want. PLEASE INCLUDE DESIGNER NAME along with the pattern name. You can send multiple emails as you see new things, we will combine them all on one order for you. Please also email if you’ve already placed an order and would like to add to it, this will help save on shipping and only takes a few clicks to modify an existing order.


If you have not purchased from us before be sure to include your full mailing address and phone number within your email so we can calculate shipping on your orders. We want to have all info up front so when we are ready to invoice you we have all the information we need without any delay.



DON'T PRE-ORDER if you don't plan on following through with the full order. The order summary will re-cap what you have sent to us over the last month, with any additional along the way, and confirm what we will be getting at the show for you. We expect PROMPT PAYMENT for additions and custom requests as we have to pay everything up front... we have a lot invested in the Expo. It will take us a little time to get all supplies in stock. So we don't expect to start shipping until (at least) a week after the show ends and when your entire order is on hand.



We will estimate shipping charges on your invoice based on what you have ordered. If we find that when we have your order packed up and ready to ship the shipping charges are significantly more, we will bill you for any additional charges at that time OR refund you if you’ve overpaid, as per our shop policy.

We plan to start packing and shipping orders once our shipments arrive to us from each designer / manufacturer we order from. Since this is an online show we will have to wait for shipments from each designer or manufacturer to arrive to us before we can start shipping. We are assuming that most orders will ship out to us promptly. We will wait it out and begin shipping out your orders once we have all the items in stock that you ordered. If we foresee any extended delays on any one thing, we may ship and backorder but you will be notified if this is the case. You will receive an email with your tracking information as soon as your order is ready to be shipped.



We ship worldwide with calculated shipping so you get fair shipping charges from us always! We welcome your business and PRE-ORDERS too but please email your order so the shipping is calculated exactly with the many variables which greatly effect worldwide shipping. Sometimes we are able to find a more affordable rate than those offered to us online and would prefer to pass that onto you!