Mini Scroll Frames
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Mini Scroll Frames

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The Ultra Lite Mini Scroll Frame is the first true lightweight scroll frame. The secret- a smaller side bar. The side bar is 1/2" in width verses the traditional 3/4" width side bar. By reducing the thickness, the side bar is 33% lighter than a traditional side bar. This combined with the 1/2" diameter dowel makes for an extremely lightweight and comfortable stitching frame. It is available in widths from 6" to 18" in 2" increments.


Side Bars: Solid stained oak.

Dowels: 1/2" diameter birch with "easy sew" 1 1/2" cotton twill tape, glued and stapled.

Knobs: Stained birch.


Side bars are finished in an antique oak oil rub.

Available Accessories:

7" Side Bars
10" Side Bars

Note: Scroll Frames 6", 8", 10", 12" come with 7" side bars. Scroll Frames 14", 16" and 18" come with 10" side bars.