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Scroll Frames

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K's scroll frames have been the leader in the industry since 1987. Rugged and durable yet classy! All scroll frames come complete with dowels, side bars and four easy turn black tri-knobs.

Scroll frames are available in the following sizes:
9", 13", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 30" and 34".

9" and 13" scroll frames are supplied with 7" side bars. All others are supplied with 10" side bars, unless otherwise requested.

Side Bars: Sanded and unfinished maple. Ready to stain if desired.

Dowels: A full 3/4" diameter sanded and unfinished with 1 1/2" "easy sew" cotton twill tape glued and stapled.

Knobs: Black plastic easy turn tri-knobs.